At Gupta Strategists, consultants are content driven.
We are a tightly knit, enterprising team of people with a great deal of trust in one another.

Over the past few years, Gupta Strategists has rapidly grown. Yet who we are has remained the same – a tightly knit team of content-driven people who have great trust in one another and who are focused on the highest standard. There are no formal titles, and assessment is based on individual merit and results achieved for clients. Each person has individual responsibilities within the team and we all stand on equal footing.

Team member

  • Peter Sohl

    Peter Sohl
    Contact information 06 14266058
    Background • Studied biomechanical design (MSc, cum laude) at Delft University of Technology
    • Studied mechanical engineering (BSc, cum laude) at Delft University of Technology


    ‘After I completed my technical degree, I was looking to learn more and be challenged in another area. Strategy consulting in general and Gupta in particular has provided me with this challenge. I have always been interested in healthcare. Hi-tech innovations as well as rising costs and the aging population make it a very interesting, socially relevant sector.‘

    Personal development

    ‘Gupta’s unique focus has offered me the opportunity to gain meaningful knowledge and learn a lot in a short amount of time. It also places importance on personal development. Working with a multidisciplinary team to solve impactful puzzles in an analytical way is precisely what challenges me.‘