At Gupta Strategists, consultants are content driven.
We are a tightly knit, enterprising team of people with a great deal of trust in one another.

Over the past few years, Gupta Strategists has rapidly grown. Yet who we are has remained the same – a tightly knit team of content-driven people who have great trust in one another and who are focused on the highest standard. There are no formal titles, and assessment is based on individual merit and results achieved for clients. Each person has individual responsibilities within the team and we all stand on equal footing.

Team member

  • Koen Merkus

    Koen Merkus
    Contact information 06 13548708
    • Studied applied physics (MSc, cum laude) at Eindhoven University of Technology
    • Completed an internship in a biophysics lab at the University of Pennsylvania
    • Researched the development of a new type of biosensor

    Complex puzzles, concrete results

    While in school studying applied physics I noticed that I enjoy thinking up solutions for complex fundamental problems and that I find working on projects with a medical component really motivating. I am fascinated by healthcare because it improves the lives of so many people, yet its organization is rarely ever simple. At Gupta I can puzzle out complex problems and, at the same time, work towards a concrete, relevant goal: improving healthcare.

    Smart, helpful team

    As part of the Gupta team, you are surrounded by incredibly smart, friendly colleagues. In addition, the small scale of the company ensures that everyone gets to know each other well and that the atmosphere is congenial. Consultants handle nearly everything in the company themselves, which makes for a really entrepreneurial atmosphere, and people help each other however they can.