At Gupta Strategists, consultants are content driven.
We are a tightly knit, enterprising team of people with a great deal of trust in one another.

Over the past few years, Gupta Strategists has rapidly grown. Yet who we are has remained the same – a tightly knit team of content-driven people who have great trust in one another and who are focused on the highest standard. There are no formal titles, and assessment is based on individual merit and results achieved for clients. Each person has individual responsibilities within the team and we all stand on equal footing.

Team member

  • Joost de Vries

    Joost de Vries
    Contact information 06 31174847
    • Studied biomedical engineering (MSc, BSc) at Eindhoven University of Technology
    • Completed an internship at GlaxoSmithKline in Stevenage, the United Kingdom

    A new perspective

    At school I quickly realized that solving complex problems is something that really motivates me. The most interesting part of the program, I found, was the diversity of questions – all of which fell under the same overarching theme: healthcare. One day you may have to puzzle out a physics problem, and the next day it might be a chemistry challenge. Each time you learn to view problems through a new lens. The possibility at Gupta Strategists to work on challenging projects that each need to be approached from a different angle really appeals to me.

    Developing as a problem solver

    Strategy consulting in healthcare takes me a step further in my development as a problem solver in a field that significantly impacts everyone. Innovation is taking place at a rapid pace and new insights are constantly being revealed. At the same time, as we continue to age, we all want to remain as healthy as possible. How can we deal with the obstacles that confront us and how can we keep good health affordable? These are questions I rack my brain over at Gupta.