At Gupta Strategists, consultants are content driven.
We are a tightly knit, enterprising team of people with a great deal of trust in one another.

Over the past few years, Gupta Strategists has rapidly grown. Yet who we are has remained the same – a tightly knit team of content-driven people who have great trust in one another and who are focused on the highest standard. There are no formal titles, and assessment is based on individual merit and results achieved for clients. Each person has individual responsibilities within the team and we all stand on equal footing.


  • Steven van Beurden

    Steven van Beurden
    Contact information 06 48569065
    • Studied veterinary medicine at Utrecht University
    • Did PhD in veterinary medicine, with research on herpesviruses
    • Developed a new type of poultry vaccine for Boehringer Ingelheim

    Dynamic sector

    After initially studying veterinary medicine, I went on to specialize in veterinary virology. The academic world provided me with plenty of space and freedom to develop my own ideas. Yet the clinical relevance of scientific research is not always immediately evident, and over the past few years I’ve noticed that this is something that is increasingly important to me. So I began to look for a more dynamic sector where I’d be able to see the results of my work faster, and I found it in strategy consulting.

    Healthcare and the facts

    The combination of Gupta’s focus and approach suits me perfectly. For years I worked part-time in a nursing home and saw first-hand the practical challenges pertaining to healthcare. What’s more, as a scientist, my approach to any problem is always to look at the underlying facts. In addition to that, the strategists at Gupta form an amazing team. We don’t just work hard together but – more importantly – we work hard with the client to always achieve the best results possible.
  • Maartje van den Broek

    Maartje van den Broek
    Contact information 06 57688587
    • Studied medicine (cum laude) at the University of Maastricht
    • Did PhD research on the outcomes of liver surgery
    • Is a specialized surgical oncologist
    • Completed the Clinical Business Administration course at TIAS

    Value for the patient

    'I would like to contribute to healthcare that has as much value for the patient as possible. Working at Gupta, I can help think of smart(er) ways to design our healthcare system and help implement these changes. It is essential that all parties in the healthcare system work together to realize widespread changes. I think it is an interesting challenge to unite these different parties. My background in medicine and knowledge of management issues in healthcare prove to be a real asset.'

    Greater than the sum of its parts

    'In teams, we work on complex issues concerning quality, affordability and accessibility of healthcare. The variety in educational backgrounds, personality and experience ensures that a team can become greater than the sum of its parts. Gupta offers me such an inspiring environment in which I can combine my clinical experience and passion for realizing valuable healthcare with strategical issues found in practical cases: for me the perfect step in addition to my clinical career.'
  • Jurre de Bruin

    Jurre de Bruin
    Contact information 06 34924904
    • Studied economics (cum laude) at the University of Amsterdam
    • Studied political science (minor, cum laude) at the University of Amsterdam
    • Worked at The Boston Consulting Group


    ‘After finishing my degree in Amsterdam, I learned the tricks of the trade working at The Boston Consulting Group. I came across the company by chance through a professor. The most important discovery I made there was that strategy consulting is a craft. Just as with any other trade, it is something you need to learn step by step from a skilled master. It is a multifaceted, content-driven profession. Very suitable for people such as me who are easily bored.’

    Skilled masters

    ‘At a certain point, I knew I wanted to take on more, preferably in a sector with significant social relevance. That’s when I learned about Gupta. What you can achieve with a team of smart people exceeded all of my expectations. The feeling that we are building the future, both of the healthcare sector and of our own organization is hugely motivating to me. If you want to develop quickly and have got the guts for the glory, then you’d fit right in. We’ve got plenty of skilled masters.’
  • Roxanne Busschers

    Roxanne Busschers
    Contact information 06 52295625
    • Studied applied mathematics (MSc, cum laude) at the University of Twente
    • Studied industrial engineering and management (MSc, cum laude) at the University of Twente
    • Received MBA at INSEAD

    Eye opener

    ‘In college I decided to major in industrial engineering and management based on my broad interests. Yet three years and one diploma down the road, I wanted more depth. To really understand where a given formula or method comes from, I began a masters in mathematics. During a lecture on healthcare logistics that dealt with operating room planning, I became fascinated with the complexity of healthcare. I also realized that my technical and management skills could be put to valuable use in this field. For me, that moment was a real eye opener.‘

    Constantly learning

    ‘At Gupta, I make daily use of the theoretical knowledge I acquired in school. In addition, I am constantly learning new things from my colleagues. Where the one helped me construct a model, the other helped familiarize me with the wonderful world of healthcare registration codes. The feeling that I am not only able to make a direct contribution, but am also continuing to learn in the process makes me really enjoy what I do.‘
  • Dion Coumans

    Dion Coumans
    Contact information 06 42168259
    Background • Studied mathematics (MSc, summa cum laude) at Radboud University, Nijmegen
    • Received PhD in algebra and logic

    Solving problems

    ‘As a graduate student and while doing PhD research, I really enjoyed unraveling complex problems. At the outset it is usually not obvious how you will be able to arrive at a solution. It therefore never ceases to amaze me seeing how the whole picture gradually becomes clearer and the pieces of the puzzle eventually fall into place. By giving workshops and lectures, I realized that I get a lot of fulfillment from helping others. That’s why I decided to look for a new challenge where I could do something positive for others through problem solving. I found that challenge at Gupta.’

    Making a contribution

    ‘Healthcare is important for everyone and so I want to be able to make a positive contribution in this field. It is wonderful to be able to do that at Gupta, surrounded by an inspiring team of enthusiastic colleagues. I want to continue developing and learning, and this is the ideal environment for that.’
  • Roderick van Grinsven

    Roderick van Grinsven
    Contact information 06 51954365
    Background • Studied management of innovation (MSc) at the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam
    • Studied finance and investments (MSc, cum laude) at the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam
    • Studied international business administration (BSc) at the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam

    Perfect combination

    ‘While studying business administration in Rotterdam, I realized that I liked to be continually challenged and that I was inspired by people with different backgrounds. I also wanted to work in an enterprising environment. Gupta perfectly combines all of this – working hard with a diverse group of people and together always solving new problems. The advantage of working in a team is that you quickly have your own responsibilities and, above all, that you continue learning from each other every day. The combination of these things means that every day I look forward to going to work.‘


    ‘Only now that I work in healthcare do I realize how incredibly diverse this sector is. This diversity makes every project different, both in terms of content and in terms of intended goal. More than anything it is really great to see that by doing this work I can have a positive impact on people’s future.‘
  • Anshu Gupta

    Anshu Gupta
    Contact information 06 51219799
    Background • Studied chemical engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
    • Did a PhD fellowship in chemical engineering at the University of Minnesota
    • Did post-doc in physics at the University of Cambridge, England
    • Founded Gupta Strategists in 2005

    Inspiration and enthusiasm

    ‘Cambridge was an amazing university environment with incredibly interesting, intellectual people. It allowed me enormous freedom to develop. Gupta Strategists was founded in part on the inspiration I got from being there and out of the search for a similar freedom and trust in an environment of enthusiastic people.’

    Trust in our principles

    ‘Since Gupta Strategists was founded in 2005, our growth and success have reaffirmed my trust in our principles. That is why we remain critical, especially of our own dogmatism. There is already plenty of that in the world. We only draw conclusions if we can substantiate them with hard facts. We are pragmatic and solution focused – what can people do as early as tomorrow with the insights we provide? For us, the essential lies in helping each other and learning from one another.’
  • Marloes Hagemans

    Marloes Hagemans
    Contact information 06 20983421
    Background • Studied nutrition and health (cum laude) at Wageningen University
    • Did PhD in medicine (cum laude) at Erasmus University Rotterdam
    • Did research on rare metabolic diseases at Erasmus MC

    Fast results

    ‘I have always really enjoyed doing research, especially immersing myself in a topic and trying to tease out how things really work. Yet I have also always had broader interests and the need to see fast results in my work. That’s why, in the end, I couldn’t see myself continuing in academia.’

    Learning new things

    ‘To expand my knowledge of healthcare I went to graduate lectures from the health economics, policy and law program. I liked it so much that I decided to continue in this direction. I chose Gupta Strategists particularly because of its focus on healthcare, but I was also attracted to working with different people who all share a penchant for setting the bar high. My expectations of being able to learn new things here in a short period of time and again be challenged have certainly been met.’
  • Niels Hagenaars

    Niels Hagenaars
    Contact information 06 24237590
    Background • Studied pharmacy at Utrecht University
    • Received PhD in pharmacy doing research on flu vaccines


    ‘I really enjoyed doing my PhD research, but in my day-to-day work I wanted more variety and more concrete results. I also wanted inspiring colleagues. I found all of that at Gupta Strategists. I have an affinity for healthcare, due in part to my background as pharmacist. Gupta has the vision and drive to take on the complex challenges in changing healthcare with which our clients are confronted. Assignments are very diverse and variety is a given.’

    A good feeling

    ‘I find a lot of enjoyment in being a strategic healthcare consultant, because you know that in doing this you are contributing to making things better. Here I can combine my curiosity as a scientist with the awareness that the results of my work have practical implications. The impact our work has on that of our clients is immediately visible, and that feels good. At Gupta there is a prevailing atmosphere of trust, equality, enterprising spirit and the willingness to learn from one another. This brings out the best in everyone.’
  • Taco Houwert

    Taco Houwert
    • Studied medicine and medical informatics at the University of Amsterdam
    • Worked at McKinsey & Company and MC Slotervaart/MC Groep
    • Completed an MBA through McKinsey & Company

    Passion for healthcare

    As a medical student, I quickly became interested in what could be done to improve healthcare. The desire to make things better for patients became my driving force. In order to effect change in this complex sector, I believe it is important to have a thorough understanding of both the medical and the business side of things. As a strategy consultant, I’ve found a way to connect these two aspects so I can make a difference for patients.

    Inspiring environment

    After seven years of experience working at McKinsey & Company, Gupta Strategists is the ideal place for me to be. I was immediately impressed by the people here and the entrepreneurial environment. This is a group of experts with a passion for healthcare. It is incredibly inspiring to work with the Gupta team and our clients to address complex healthcare issues. For me, this is a one-of-a-kind environment in which to gain further experience and expand my expertise.
  • Kees Isendoorn

    Kees Isendoorn
    Contact information 06 57887598
    Background • Studied econometrics and operations research at Maastricht University
    • Studied one semester of finance abroad at Nanyang Business School, Singapore
    • Did research in India on international cross-learning in heart care

    Many stakes

    ‘I became fascinated with healthcare when I discovered the improvements that are possible in this sector. Solving major, complex issues requires using the support of data and analyses. There are always many stakeholders. You need to constantly ask yourself how various parties will react – how will patients, doctors, politicians and the media react? – and then immediately think one step further. What complicates things even more is that healthcare often is propelled by images and feelings rather than objectifiable data.’

    Logical step

    ‘People are often surprised when I tell them that I studied econometrics. They would have expected me to be in the financial sector rather than healthcare. But I think this is in fact a logical step. I was looking for a meaningful challenge and I found it. More importantly, this work is more socially relevant. In the end, my background seems to actually fit incredibly well with the needs of the healthcare sector – fact-based analysis.’
  • Joep Jacobs

    Joep Jacobs
    Contact information 06 20147306
    • Studied pharmacy at Utrecht University
    • Studied public health at the University of Florida
    • Worked at Plexus and McKinsey & Company

    Great strides forward

    ‘Healthcare in particular is a field with great social value. That is why I chose it. The fact that healthcare is complex and, at the same time, is undergoing significant changes makes it all the more interesting. Together with clients I try to find solutions to complex issues so they can keep ahead or make great strides forward.’

    All specialists

    ‘Gupta Strategists is a compact, enterprising office. If you have questions, you can talk directly to colleagues. Because we all work in healthcare, we are all specialists. There is a great deal of individual freedom, and this brings out the best in everyone. At Gupta, I found what I was looking for – to work on strategic healthcare issues in a small, informal setting.’
  • Jenny de Jong

    Jenny de Jong
    Contact information 06 18767750
    • Studied Mathematical Sciences (MSc, cum laude) at Utrecht University
    • Studied Mathematics (BSc) at Utrecht University

    Complex problems

    ‘I majored in math because I love solving complex problems. When it came to finding work, not only was I looking for an analytic challenge, I also wanted a job with social relevance and a friendly work environment. I found this combination at Gupta Strategists.‘

    Hard work with an objective

    ‘In recent years I was part of the national rowing team. In the Dutch Women’s Eight, we worked closely to bring out the best in ourselves and in each other. We were motivated to the core. I find this type of teamwork inspiring, and it’s the same type of dynamics that exist at Gupta. We are a multidiscpilinary team that works hard on complex projects to reach hard-to-achieve objectives.‘
  • Ankie Kerstens

    Ankie Kerstens
    Contact information 06 31044277
    Background • Studied health economics, policy and law (MSc) at Erasmus University Rotterdam
    • Specialized in health technology assessments
    • Studied occupational therapy (BSc) at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

    Having a significance for healthcare

    ‘After graduating from high school, I wanted only one thing: to become a healthcare professional. Through my experience as occupational therapist, I developed a number of ideas and questions regarding transparency and quality in healthcare. I discovered that I could also provide a valuable contribution to healthcare at another level. My experiences as a healthcare professional motivate me to help work toward optimization and innovation within the healthcare system.‘

    Learning from complex issues and from each other

    ‘During my graduate research, I realized that I really enjoy answering complex healthcare issues through thorough analysis. This is what appeals to me about the work of strategy consultants in healthcare. What particularly appeals to me about Gupta Strategists is being able to work as part of a tightly knit team of ambitious colleagues with different backgrounds. I am constantly motivated to learn with and from everyone.‘
  • Thijs de Kruif

    Thijs de Kruif
    Contact information 06 13327823
    Background • Studied applied physics (MSc, BSc) at Eindhoven University of Technology
    • Completed a minor in business administration and management at the Universitat Politècnica de València
    • Worked while a student as project manager at De Kleine Consultant


    ‘At college I came in contact with strategy consulting and found in it exactly what I was missing in physics. I had really wanted more variety, faster results and more teamwork, yet at the same time I also wanted to continue solving challenging, complex puzzles. I found this fairly specific set of conditions at Gupta. Every day I am able to dig my teeth into another problem and work in a team to come up with a solution.‘

    In the driver’s seat

    ‘What really appealed to me about Gupta Strategists was the ambitious culture combined with the informal team atmosphere. This setting makes it possible to really get to know everyone and to take advantage of and learn from other people’s strengths. In addition, thanks to the great responsibility that you take on you can immediately contribute to socially relevant problems. Right from day one you are in the driver’s seat.‘
  • Lissy van de Laar

    Lissy van de Laar
    Contact information 06 34593507
    Background • Studied biomedical sciences at Radboud University, Nijmegen
    • Specialized in research on epidemiology, policy support and evaluation

    Improving patient care

    ‘For me it was clear very early on that my heart was in healthcare. What is particular about this sector is that sooner or later everyone is concerned by it and so everyone has an opinion about it. At the same time, there are numerous possible ways to improve healthcare for patients, both from a medical perspective and in terms of organization, finance and management.’

    Room for ambition

    ‘I really like working in a flat organization. The lines of communication are short, which means things can be taken care of quickly. It is precisely by grabbing on to every opportunity with both hands that you continue to progress, both as a consultant and as a person. There is plenty of room to accommodate my ambition here, and this keeps my work exciting and satisfying. It is great to work every day with intelligent, ambitious colleagues who motivate you to do your best.’
  • Noreen van der Linden

    Noreen van der Linden
    Contact information 06 44132334
    • Received PhD (cum laude) on biomarkers of cardiac damage
    • Studied as a Physician-Clinical Investigator (MSc, cum laude) at Maastricht University
    • Studied Molecular Life Sciences (BSc) at Maastricht University

    The best of both worlds

    ‘While conducting my PhD research, I realized how interesting and challenging research can be – from designing and conducting analyses to translating outcomes into a logical picture. Through other, non-research-related activities, I also learned how motivating it is to be part of a team and to make a difference. In my work at Gupta, I have found the best of both worlds.‘

    From doctor to strategist

    ‘The shift from doctor to strategic consultant may not immediately seem like a logical step. After all, I studied medicine to be able to help make people better. Yet right from my very first project I saw what a huge impact our work has on healthcare, and with my medical background I am able to make a valuable contribution to what we do. This is how I am now working to improve healthcare.‘
  • Daan Livestro

    Daan Livestro
    Contact information 06 23852854
    Background • Studied medicine at Utrecht University
    • Completed an MBA (cum laude) at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
    • Worked at The Boston Consulting Group in New York

    Focus on patient care

    ‘After accumulating a number of years of experience as a strategy consultant for a variety of companies, it was time for me to return to my passion – healthcare. I have always been fascinated with the complexity of the healthcare system, and Gupta has given me the opportunity to completely focus on improving the quality and efficiency of healthcare. It is wonderful to work with our clients on finding new solutions that make the system better for all of us.’

    No better place

    ‘When I came back from the US, I immediately chose Gupta. The qualities of Gupta consultants – laidback, intelligent, with very in-depth knowledge of the healthcare system – are truly unique and really appealed to me. The fact that time and again our clients recognize the value of this combination makes it all the more motivating to be part of this team. I can think of no better place to practice strategy consulting in the healthcare sector.’
  • Koen Merkus

    Koen Merkus
    Contact information 06 13548708
    • Studied applied physics (MSc, cum laude) at Eindhoven University of Technology
    • Completed an internship in a biophysics lab at the University of Pennsylvania
    • Researched the development of a new type of biosensor

    Complex puzzles, concrete results

    While in school studying applied physics I noticed that I enjoy thinking up solutions for complex fundamental problems and that I find working on projects with a medical component really motivating. I am fascinated by healthcare because it improves the lives of so many people, yet its organization is rarely ever simple. At Gupta I can puzzle out complex problems and, at the same time, work towards a concrete, relevant goal: improving healthcare.

    Smart, helpful team

    As part of the Gupta team, you are surrounded by incredibly smart, friendly colleagues. In addition, the small scale of the company ensures that everyone gets to know each other well and that the atmosphere is congenial. Consultants handle nearly everything in the company themselves, which makes for a really entrepreneurial atmosphere, and people help each other however they can.
  • Annemarije Oosterwaal

    Annemarije Oosterwaal
    Contact information 06 53244481
    • Studied sociology (MSc, cum laude) at Utrecht University
    • Received PhD in decision making and implementation
    • Worked at KPMG Plexus
    • Teaches postgraduate courses in change management at VU University Amsterdam

    Making a difference

    ‘Healthcare – especially the dynamics and complexity of the healthcare system – fascinates me. Working on continually improving healthcare and contributing to high-quality, affordable care is what drives me. The best thing about this work is tackling a problem with the team, conducting analyses and then, together with the client, seeing what possible improvements can be made.’

    Responsibility and trust

    ‘In my work what is important to me is working as part of a team, learning from others, and being given and taking on responsibility. Gupta is a flat organization, and trust is an essential component of our company culture. It’s great to be a part of a tightly knit team of enthusiastic, talented people.’
  • Michiel Oosterwaal

    Michiel Oosterwaal
    Contact information 06 18551255
    • Studied biomedical engineering (MSc, BSc) at Eindhoven University of Technology
    • Received PhD in orthopedics at Maastricht UMC

    Solving challenging problems in a short time frame

    ‘While doing my PhD research, I got a lot of satisfaction looking at medical problems from a technical perspective. Yet I thought it was unfortunate that the impact of scientific research was only visible in the long term. In strategy consulting, I have found the combination of both intellectual challenge and the extra motivation of a more immediate impact.’

    Learning from everyone

    ‘At Gupta Strategists we have an energetic team that is flat in structure. This makes it so that everyone stands on equal footing, regardless of whether you just started or have been working here for years. As a result, from the moment I stepped in the door I have learned a lot. Our way of working reinforces this even further – no one sits at a set workspace, so every day I’m surrounded and inspired by different people.’
  • Sjors Oudshoorn

    Sjors Oudshoorn
    Contact information 06 41905359
    • Studied Biomechanical Design (MSc) at Delft University of Technology
    • Studied Mechanical Engineering (BSc, cum laude) at Delft University of Technology

    Challenging and relevant

    ‘Following my degree in Biomechanical Design, which first exposed me the complexities of healthcare, working at Gupta Strategists was the ideal next step. At Gupta, I can contribute to improving the quality and affordability of healthcare. The challenge and social relevance of what we do make my work extremely fulfilling. ‘

    Driven colleagues

    ‘At Gupta, I’m part of a team of driven individuals with diverse backgrounds. Each project provides me with a new opportunity to learn from my colleagues. The fact that we’re a small company makes for a relaxed and informal atmosphere in which I feel right at home.‘
  • Samuel Smits

    Samuel Smits
    Contact information 06 28340816
    Background • Studied economics (cum laude) at the University of Amsterdam
    • Co-founder of an IT service provider for MKB
    • Worked three years at the NMa


    ‘I became enthusiastic about being an entrepreneur when I co-founded an IT service provider. After that, I worked at the NMa and developed market oversight in the electricity and healthcare sectors. When Gupta Strategists gave me the opportunity to combine entrepreneurial work with more meaningful content, I jumped at it. I’ve been with the team since it was founded and still view projects more from the perspective of an entrepreneur than of a consultant. Being able to achieve structurally better results for a client is a prerequisite for me to starting on an assignment.’

    Making a difference

    ‘When it comes to building our team, I am inspired by the Brazilian entrepreneur Ricardo Semler. No rules, just individual responsibility. Everyone can decide for themselves about practical matters. This means there is no unnecessary overhead and everyone can spend all of their time on meaningful work. People that love difficult puzzles, take personal responsibility for results and that want to make a difference are in the right place here.’
  • Peter Sohl

    Peter Sohl
    Contact information 06 14266058
    Background • Studied biomechanical design (MSc, cum laude) at Delft University of Technology
    • Studied mechanical engineering (BSc, cum laude) at Delft University of Technology


    ‘After I completed my technical degree, I was looking to learn more and be challenged in another area. Strategy consulting in general and Gupta in particular has provided me with this challenge. I have always been interested in healthcare. Hi-tech innovations as well as rising costs and the aging population make it a very interesting, socially relevant sector.‘

    Personal development

    ‘Gupta’s unique focus has offered me the opportunity to gain meaningful knowledge and learn a lot in a short amount of time. It also places importance on personal development. Working with a multidisciplinary team to solve impactful puzzles in an analytical way is precisely what challenges me.‘
  • Paulien Stegehuis

    Paulien Stegehuis
    Contact information 06 33689508
    • Studied Technical Medicine (BSc and MSc) at the University of Twente
    • Did PhD research on image-guided oncological surgery

    Tangible results

    ‘During the final phase of my PhD research, I realized that I wanted to work on shorter projects, in close coordination with others and at a faster pace. This professional wishlist brought me to strategy consulting. I like that the results of our work are tangible and can immediately be put to use. For me, conducting quantitative analyses and drawing conclusions from them is satisfying work. The focus on healthcare is an added bonus about working for Gupta.‘

    Continued development

    ‘Since every one of my colleagues has his or her own area of expertise, I’ve learned a lot in a short amount of time. You learn through training, but also through just asking questions. In that sense, everyone is open and approachable. There are also plenty of social activities, which make it easy to get to know your colleagues. Within no time I already felt part of the team.‘
  • Lisa Vogelpoel

    Lisa Vogelpoel
    Contact information 06 44886012
    Background • Studied biomedical science (cum laude) at the University of Amsterdam
    • Received PhD in immunology at the Academisch Medisch Centrum

    Complex and fascinating

    ‘As a graduate and doctoral student, I studied the human body. It is complex and fascinating – everything works together as part of a well-functioning whole, and when something somewhere goes wrong you get sick. Like the human body, healthcare is also complex and fascinating and full of huge challenges regarding how to set it up in a way that ensures care remains good, accessible and affordable. At Gupta, I am able to contribute to making the healthcare system sustainable for the future.‘

    Doing your best and giving your all

    ‘For me, problem solving as part of a team is very fulfilling. At Gupta, we are a diverse, enterprising and social team working to solve a variety of healthcare problems. You’re challenged to do your best and give your all.‘
  • Joost de Vries

    Joost de Vries
    Contact information 06 31174847
    • Studied biomedical engineering (MSc, BSc) at Eindhoven University of Technology
    • Completed an internship at GlaxoSmithKline in Stevenage, the United Kingdom

    A new perspective

    At school I quickly realized that solving complex problems is something that really motivates me. The most interesting part of the program, I found, was the diversity of questions – all of which fell under the same overarching theme: healthcare. One day you may have to puzzle out a physics problem, and the next day it might be a chemistry challenge. Each time you learn to view problems through a new lens. The possibility at Gupta Strategists to work on challenging projects that each need to be approached from a different angle really appeals to me.

    Developing as a problem solver

    Strategy consulting in healthcare takes me a step further in my development as a problem solver in a field that significantly impacts everyone. Innovation is taking place at a rapid pace and new insights are constantly being revealed. At the same time, as we continue to age, we all want to remain as healthy as possible. How can we deal with the obstacles that confront us and how can we keep good health affordable? These are questions I rack my brain over at Gupta.
  • Merel van Wijk

    Merel van Wijk
    Contact information 06 57037976
    • Studied physics (cum laude) at Radboud University in Nijmegen
    • Did PhD research on solid state physics

    Playing with data

    ‘I really like playing with data and enjoy the challenge of conveying complex subject matter in a clear way. After completing my PhD research in physics, I knew this was something I wanted to do in a faster-paced environment and in sector with great social relevance. Working at Gupta enables me to do this and, at the same time, I have the opportunity to continue developing in other areas as well. It is extremely motivating to know that our analyses contribute to improving healthcare.’

    Ambitious and laid-back

    ‘We’re a small team, so you quickly get to know everyone. From day one I felt at home at Gupta. People are not only committed to their work, they are also committed to the team and are always ready to lend each other a helping hand. So I learned a lot in a short period of time. Aside from working hard here, we also have really good fun together.’
  • Gerhard Wullink

    Gerhard Wullink
    Contact information 06 22816739
    Background • Studied mechanical engineering at the University of Twente
    • Received PhD in operations research
    • After receiving PhD, worked two years at Erasmus MC
    • Worked at Boer & Croon in healthcare


    ‘Healthcare is the most challenging field at this moment. There are macro-economic and ethical dilemmas, turbulent developments and many, often complex actors. An assignment is never straightforward. That makes it exciting and keeps you on your toes. Thanks to the social importance and complex content of this work, I am right at home as a consultant in the healthcare sector.’

    Working with people

    ‘Strategy consulting is above all working with people. In contact with clients, when working in teams – social skills are always important. It’s great when you are part of a team that you can inspire others in their work and in other areas too. Everyone has a different background and character, but we all share the ambition that we want to bring out the best in our clients, our colleagues and ourselves. Aside from focusing on one of the most exciting sectors at this moment, I also appreciate the specific expertise and commitment of the team here. For me, this is the ideal work environment.’